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Our experiential, interactive workshops engage participants by helping them to achieve work-life balance, develop self-mastery, better their relationships, manage stress levels, and help them to be fully present in every situation, no matter what they face. 


This 5-part workshop is done with small groups and over a series of ongoing learning workshops. Delegates learn to cultivate mindfulness and develop new found awareness, to relax and breathe, to focus and to understand themselves and their triggers better. They learn emotional linguistics and enhance their emotional intelligence and they become far more attuned to their reactions. They learn over the course to become more responsive and less reactive, to control their impulses and to sit with and observe as a witness what happens inside of them and outside of them.  The outcome of this workshops is self-awareness, mastery, enhanced leadership ability and better inter-personal skills, more presence and better mental and physical health. The program is life changing.


This course provides the route map to quieten the mind and provide focus. Staff can't perform when their thoughts are racing. Productivity drops when people feel unable to relax and be spontaneous and joyful. And when they have habits like jaw clenching and neck holding patterns which cause them pain and when adequate rest is elusive and people wake up exhausted even when they have apparently slept well and enough. This course reverses these curses of modern living, enabling people to feel calm, centered and restful even when they are busy and under pressure.

This course provides tools and insight which generate all the benefits of mindfulness practice and it doesn’t require people to spend more time than they have. The outcome: people become more present, even within the constraints of busy, overwhelmingly demanding schedules and time limitations.


This workshop takes all the principles of mindfulness practice and applies them to eating, food and the sensory system. This course shines the light on unconscious behaviors enabling sustainable change to occur in patterns and habits. This course brings awareness and the tools to transform eating habits and make healthy eating effortless and habitual without the need for dieting or deprivation. We can't change what we don’t know about, but we can easily change what we can clearly see and understand. When people eat well, they thrive and their brain works effectively. A healthy, clean gut gives rise to a healthy, clear mind. This course is the route map to that.

MOVE YOUR WAY TO ENERGY AND BALANCE THROUGH FABES (fitness, awareness, balance, elasticity, and strength)

Are you feeling strong and flexible and able-bodied? This workshop creates energy and balance through the use of movements and poses. This product is called FABES (fitness, awareness, balance, elasticity, and strength).

  • Fitness: as we build physical fitness, we also build emotional resilience and capacity.

  • Awareness: we are building a presence of mind (mindfulness) and body awareness. Awareness is key to growth, change, and presence.

  • Balance: to thrive we need to have balance in our body and our mind.

  • Elasticity: we need the flexibility of our body and our mind. Rigid thinking gives way to a rigid body and physical inflexibility makes smooth and effortless movement impossible.

  • Strength: as we develop our core strength and core control, we are also developing our conviction and confidence.


All of this is based in neuroscience.


In this innovative, experiential workshop, we use the body as the tool to discover real balance. With an embodied understanding of the complexity of balance, delegates become able to find a new balance in everything they do; every day, and every week they live. This balance helps them build agility, strength, and flexibility.

Balance is a vital ingredient in navigating the world at work in the 21st century and going forward. The outcome: true core strength, mind and body control, and balance, as well as centeredness. This underpins energetic engagement even in the face of change, pressure, disappointment, overwhelm, uncertainty and juggling to find work-life balance.

This can be undertaken as a stand-alone single day workshop or can be part of a trilogy of stress management and resilience-building sessions, done a month apart.


This workshop is the new face of resilience. It incorporates the creation of a cellular understanding of what resilience really means and feels like. Through simulated experiences and activities, delegates engage with the concept and convert a cognitive idea of resilience into hardwired new neural pathways of non-reactive, chosen responses to challenge and stress. Delegates leave this experiential workshop ready to use well-tested tools, because they have a newfound awareness of their state of being, enabling them to respond to distress as soon as their neurophysiology is aroused.

This can be undertaken as a stand-alone single day workshop or can be part of a trilogy of stress management and resilience-building sessions, done a month apart.


This workshop will take all the complexity out of stress management. Having spent a whole day tuning into stress, understanding neuroscience and physiology and learning to convert distress into eustress (positive stress), your staff will be equipped to thrive in spite of stress. To thrive and not just survive. Say “Goodbye” to the spikes of the uncontrolled stress response forever.


Attendees leave this workshop equipped with insight, empowerment through knowledge and understanding and armed with tools to use when life shows up and stress is high. Teaching the ability to detect the biology of stress-warning-signs is vital and integral to this program. Prevention averts the need for correction. Can you really afford to leave your staff swimming out at sea in the world of work and change? This workshop is a raft, fully kitted out to manage even the roughest of storms.

This can be undertaken as a stand-alone single day workshop or can be part of a trilogy of stress management and resilience-building sessions, done a month apart.


Staff need high-level personal mastery in order to thrive within the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They need competencies, resources and tools in order to perform optimally in the challenging times in which we are operating. This course provides these skills; resources; insight and tools in a powerful, experiential way when your staff have the tools they need, your bottom line goes up and your stress goes down.


The Enneagram is a tool that provides us with a better way to understand ourselves, our colleagues and loved ones.

Using either the 5 Lens Program or the Integrative Enneagram we help you find your default operating style and then guide you on how to shift into more healthful patterns, where it's helpful for you to do that. This is the most powerful way to see and understand yourself better.

Which One of These are You? Does one of these seem to describe you?

1. The Reformer

2. The Helper

3. The Achiever

4. The Individualist

5. The Investigator

6. The Loyalist

7. The Enthusiast

8. The Challenger

9. The Peacemaker

Once you understand yourself, understanding others follows easily and spontaneously and relationships improve.

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