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Our keynote talks deliver high-impact results in informal or formal settings. Topics inspire listeners to manage stress, maintain high energy levels, recreate empowering mindsets, and navigate challenges with ease.

Keynote talks can be conducted virtually or in a hybrid fashion (some virtual and some in person)

keynote talks.


Resilience is a buzz word right now and we all know we need it and must cultivate it. One of the major factors that undermines resilience is fear. No one like to talk about fear, yet it exists for us all and is astonishingly prevalent in the world today. This talk offers tools and insight into managing this pervasive and destructive emotion so that listeners can build their resilience muscles unhampered. Sweeping fear under the carpet gives it power. Confronting it bravely enables overcoming its limiting effects. Previous listeners report remembering the stories and metaphors in moments of crisis and being able to draw on the learning in many potent ways going forward. ( Harrison Msimuko, Mike Hankock, Landi Jac)

11Dimensions of Health

Wellbeing is a multidimensional subject. No-one can succeed and remain sustainable in the world today without wellbeing and without prioritizing health. But what to do? What does “looking after yourself” really mean? How do you ensure your mental health in the world of uncertainty and stress? The minefield that the workplace today produces, is unpacked in this talk and all the dimensions of wellbeing are broken down so listeners can evaluate their state of wellbeing and assess their own energy and see what they need to do to enhance their vitality. This talk is practical, and insight filled. It’s not a nice to have it’s a have to have!

If you don’t know exactly what steps you need to take and where to start it’s easy to do nothing and procrastinate doing anything. This talk will get listeners out of the starting blocks and show them how to move systematically and consistently.

“Bravo!” Kim Wolf Health Talks USA


The choices You Make Today Buy The Consequences That Pay Tomorrow

Achieving wellbeing and having high energy levels is the result of a series of small choices made hour by hour, day by day and week by week. Often, people see wellbeing as a luxury they want, but don’t have time to create. This talk is all about seeing wellbeing as a skill. One that can be developed with the right know how. Using stories of extreme endurance in the Danakil Depression (the hottest place on earth), where Sue and a team cycled across the desolate desert in merciless conditions, this fact is brought home and tools are offered to assist with the choices and actions wellbeing requires. Having heard this talk, listeners recognize the importance of making time for self-care now, not tomorrow and actually prioritizing their health today and every day. 

“Sue has the amazing power to change mindsets and therefore change behavior. Her words are unforgettable and so are her stories. Her talks always hit me in the stomach” (Melanie Rudeman)


Why wait until burnout is a reality and calamity has hit? Act today and be wise and preventative. Burnout is a reality. It’s a big risk for people in the workplace at this time. It’s a hugely expensive problem for companies. It can be prevented. It must be prevented. This talk is all about how. Can you and your team really afford not to listen? It’s a fine line between thriving and not thriving, but we often don’t recognize that until we are on the wrong side of the line. Burnt out people are not able to be productive, to focus or to be present and burnout takes years to reverse if it ever completely does. This talk is vital for you and your team. 


Recognize the signs and symptoms of raised or lowered adrenaline and serotonin fast and know how to deal with any imbalance detected effectively. Listeners will be empowered to manage this critical "seesaw" to take better care of themselves and manage their stress better.


People need to master their minds and their thoughts, and they need to learn how. They need tools to help them to be present and not be stuck in their heads, and unavailable to the people around them and situations they find themselves in. This inspiring talk will shift listeners' thinking and change the way they operate.


Learn to employ techniques that keep the energy tap open and the energy bucket full. Energized people are creative, effective and productive. They're positive, enthusiastic and able to look forward. 

This is about resilience. Listeners will understand how to bounce through challenges more smoothly and embrace change. They learn to focus on themselves and use their core strength and flexibility.

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