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individual coaching.

You deserve to feel great, and if you don’t, you need help to shift whatever is standing in the way of you feeling great. It all starts with assessment and accurate diagnosis. Once we understand the problems which are challenging you, we can work out a strategy to resolve them.


Working with Sue Fuller-Good and The Energy Incubator is all about getting very clear on the cause of any problems you are facing and then lasering in on everything that contributes to it remaining unresolved. Together, we will work systematically to help you to change your lifestyle and habits until you are feeling fit and vibrant and nourished, healthy and focused, productive and clear, your relationships are flourishing and in short, you have energy again!

Sue's coaching process follows a strategic, progressive map which produces high-level engagement. It does this by shifting neural pathways and producing cellular learning. Coaching is available on a session by session basis, or through a fully customised and encompassing experience in our ENDLESS ENERGY PROGRAM


Complete our questionnaire to help us assess how we can be of assistance to you. We will contact you with feedback within 2-3 days

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Sue bases her coaching on mindfulness practice and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She seeks to help you create ultimate wellbeing using a holistic approach. The goal is to foster sustainable wellbeing and abundant energy which will lead to maximized performance.


A special once off rate of $50 / R890 includes a comprehensive 
WELLBEING AUDIT (digital questionnaire) as well as a 40 MINUTE DISCOVERY SESSION with Sue to unpack your results (online or in person).

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Sue's Coaching Disciplines

Sue's coaching strategies are unique and have been developed over many years. Through diagnostic assessments, questionnaires, and listening, we reframe and change beliefs. This supports changes in behaviours and creates new internal pictures that in turn change her client's thinking.

MINDFULNESS COACHING Sue will teach you how to be more fully present in every moment, to notice when you are not present and to return to presence at will.​

SOMATIC INTELLIGENCE We know that the body doesn’t lie and it “keeps the score” (Bessel van der Kolk), so Sue “reads” the body and works with the body to bring about transformation through movement, posture and exercise.

PSYCHONEUROIMMUNOLOGY Sue connects and realigns the head, heart, and gut and will help you to work with your health through your thinking and beliefs, as well as your habits.

ERGONOMICS Sue helps increase comfort in your workspace so that body alignment and posture are optimised for increased energy, focus and productivity.

BODY and HEALTH COACHING Sue teaches mindful eating and creates customised fitness & exercise training plans.

​REFRAMING Sue disrupts your current thinking by teaching you to view situations or challenges through a new lens.


ENNEAGRAM We use this ancient wisdom based, scientifically validated tool to help you to understand, firstly yourself and then other people, in a blind-spot free and clear manner. And finally to liberate yourself from the straight jacket of your habitual patterns.

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING AND COMMUNICATION Through insight and tools, Sue facilitates the development of communication skills and conflict resolution. 

PHYSIOTHERAPY & REHABILITATION We help alleviate pain through specialist physiotherapeutic insights and will help you recover from trauma or injuries. 

BODYWORK Sue helps the body with alignment, posture & alleviating pain & tension.

If you are an executive, specifically looking to improve your performance within your workplace - please also visit our Corporate Coaching page to find out more about what we can do to help you.

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