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Yoga Class



WE OFFER : A combination of yoga, pilates, body awareness, and core muscle training in a unique and fun way to get your body fit, strong and flexible.

WE TREAT : This can be used as a form of general exercise for people who want to reclaim their fitness or as rehabilitation for any injury or illness, allowing you to reclaim your childhood strength and flexibility, feel younger, have less pain, lose weight, firm up, get fitter, and have fun while you do it.

HOW IT WORKS : Register and purchase! Click on the FABES class you would like to purchase, register and follow the instructions to purchase. You will have immediate access to the class.

Once off : Classes can be rented on a once off basis for R90 per session giving you access to the class for a 72 hour period.

Subscribe : Purchase a monthly subscription giving you unlimited access to the channel of your choice for a 1 month period.

Fabes classes are separated into channels which you will find below,