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If either you, someone in your team or the team itself are battling with health, vitality, coherence, pain or fatigue, you are in the right place!

There are 11 essential components to wellbeing and having energy. If even one of these 11 components is not functioning, the whole system is undermined - they are all intertwined and inter-related. The Energy Incubator will implement a step wise intervention to resolve any problems identified. This may take the form of Keynote talks (which can be done remotely or in person), Workshops which can also be done remotely where needed, group and individual coaching sessions, exercise classes, immersion experiences and body work.

We look forward to guiding you and your team to a place of productive, endless energy!


The process always starts with a diagnostic. This comes from the Energy Incubator Coaching Team listening to your organisation's key players and some team members talk about the experiences they have at work. Through the assessment process a plan is put together from which the work can begin. Every process we do is bespoke and a boutique intervention is planned based on the information gleaned from the assessment. It may consist of an array of items off our menu. The step wise process we follow will see your team and individual staff members become thriving, confident, energized, engaged people. Your bottom line will clearly show the changes. 


Your  custom built Energy Incubator Process may have some individual and some team coaching, some self-study through a drip fed program of articles, videos and webinars delivered directly to your delegate's inboxes. There will be some workshopping in small groups and keynote talks that the whole organization can join and take advantage of.  All will use the ongoing learning model, which produces lasting change.


There will be reassessments done as we continue the journey and tweaks will be made to the program depending on the findings of these reassessments. Different workshops may be added and some may be subtracted, but the array of what is offered will ensure that mastery is experienced in all of the 11 domains of wellness.