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vooma and vitality in the sweet spot

brand new 6 week signature short course by sue fuller-good

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We have put together this 6 week course because we want you to have energy and feel vibrant and alive! Inspired by the learnings Sue gained during her recovery from a recent devastating mountain climbing accident. She has had to rebuild herself from ground zero both mentally and physically. These are the same strategies which have made up her teachings through the last few decades, and have been tested to the limit in recent months.


This is a program that will help you, with minimal time, get maximal results in your life. It’s not about getting it right all the time, but rather about showing up and participating fully in the adventure of life. We need tools to help us show up fully and play the game of life with gay abandon, underpinned by wisdom, balance and agility. Every second there is a new chance to do it differently, providing you are awake enough to see your choice points and brave enough to break the habits that have been put in place by your unconscious mind to keep you safe, but which often keep you stuck or worse still harm you. This course will help you become aware of your choice points and to recognize the habits that aren’t serving you - and change them. Not by giving you more have-to’s and shoulds, but by enabling you to work with your unconscious mind and your pattern-seeking-brain that are trying to keep you safe and the same.


The course will run once a week for 6 consecutive weeks. The first 10 people to book their spot on each course will be able to bring an accountability buddy to join them for no extra charge. Everyone else will either bring a buddy or be assigned one. Both you and your accountability buddy enjoy the full benefits this course has to offer!

What you will achieve by attending:


  • Tools to find balance and sweet spot living

  • Strategies and practice in managing your mind, making you the master, not the slave of your mind

  • Skill in choice making

  • Ability to reframe and find new ways to view difficult situations

  • Better understanding of yourself, your innate desires, fears and drivers

  • Some relaxation and time for you

  • Greater awareness

  • A community to support your success and progress

  • So much more…!


We can’t wait to host you on this life changing course!

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Tell me about it!

Course runs for 6 consecutive weeks, 1 hour each week followed by 10 min Q&A with Sue

Scheduled start dates for
the next 3 courses:

23 June 2022
18 August 2022
13 October 2022


Course cost : R2990

Early sign up specials:

The first 10 people to sign up for each course will be able to bring an accountability buddy for free!
This is a 2 for 1 offer as you will both benefit from the course in full, and enjoy motivating each other throughout!

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