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Thank you for visiting this page. It tells me that either you, someone in your team or the team itself are battling with health, vitality, coherence, pain or fatigue and that’s what I am all about, so you are in the right place.

The key starting point is always an accurate assessment and a clear diagnosis. Once we know what is causing the problem, we can strategize to solve the problem. Reaching out for help is often the hardest part.


There are 11 essential components to wellbeing and having energy. If even one of those is not functioning, the whole system is undermined, as they are all intertwined. The Energy Incubator will implement a step wise intervention to resolve the problem. This may take the form of Keynote talks (which can all be done remotely or in person), Workshops which can also be done remotely where needed, group and individual coaching sessions, exercise classes, immersion experiences and Body Work - either through movement (individual or group) or physiotherapy, remotely or in person.

We look forward to guiding you and your team to a place of productive, endless energy!


The process always starts with a diagnostic. This comes from the Energy Incubator Coaching Team listening to the key players and some team members talk about the experiences they have at work. Through the assessment process a plan is put together from which the work can begin. Every process is bespoke and a boutique intervention is planned which may consist of an array of items off the menu. This step wise process will see your team and individual staff members become thriving, confident, energized, engaged people and a bottom line that clearly shows the changes. 


Your  custom built Energy Incubator Process may have some individual and some team coaching, some self-study through a drip fed program of articles, videos and webinars delivered directly to your delegates inboxes. There will be some workshopping in small groups and keynote talks that the whole organization can join and take advantage of.  Some of the workshops may include nutrition sessions, some exercise sessions and some immersion experiences (COVID allowing). All will use the ongoing learning model, which produces lasting change.


There will be reassessments done as we continue the journey and tweaks will be made to the program depending on the findings of these reassessments. Different workshops may be added and some may be subtracted, but the array of what is offered will ensure that mastery is experienced in all of the 11 domains of wellness. 

The Energy Incubator

The Energy Incubator

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The ultimate outcome of The Energy Incubator Coaching is new energy, new habits and holistic health. 


Our coaching program focuses on the 11 domains of wellbeing:


General health, musculoskeletal health, nutritional and gut health, physical fitness, mind health, emotional health, relationship health, financial health, stress and fatigue, personal mastery and leadership and sexual health.

When people have holistic health across all of these domains, they will pulse with vitality and be

productive, focused and engaged. 

The process will leave all participants with tools they can use and with strategies that have been bedded down into new behavior.

The changes are sustainable because they have been developed slowly in an ongoing learning style, that has led to new neural pathway development and different belief systems that drive and underpin responses and behavior. 

Suffering and struggling individuals and teams leave the coaching with vuma and vitality.


  • Coaching is based in mindfulness practice and in creating better health for the team.

  • Better health includes: less stress, more collaboration and empathy between team members, better communication strategies and excellent conflict resolution capacity.

  • The coaching enables individuals to have better insight into themselves first and their team mates second, so that they can have compassion, tolerance, acceptance of diversity and excellent interpersonal engagement skills.

  • This team coaching is based in developing the leader within each person. Each person in the team is made aware of the need to lead themselves first and to always start with the self and then to work towards facilitating that each other person they work with is supported in being the very best version of themselves.

  • Mindful awareness with its 3 major tennets of curiosity, compassion and non-judgement is at the center of every coaching session and intervention.


  • This coaching is based in mindfulness practice. It trains coaches to meet every experience and every day with curiosity and non-judgement and to practice and cultivate compassion.

  • The coaching is body informed and so tunes them out of the dominant cognitive channel of information and into the less dominant heart and gut centers. This enables the coachee to be informed by all their information centers, instead of only 1/3.

  • The coaching concentrates on reframing. Looking at challenges and struggles out of a different lens. This includes flipping ideas or view points on their head and examining them differently. 

  • All coaching outcomes aim towards creating less stress, more calm and focus and more confidence and engagement. They do this using mindfulness tools, lifestyle coaching (diet, exercise, sleep, balance and nutrition) and physiology altering techniques.

  • We use the Enneagram, a body mastery questionnaire and many other tools to enhance self- awareness and emotional intelligence.