M I N D F U L N E S S 

Mindfulness Practice, what is it?

Mindfulness is both a practice, like meditation and a way of being, like an attitude. Both are developed and cultivated. It all starts with practicing being present and aware. It all starts with practicing being present in the moment that exists with out judging it or yourself or anyone else, with an attitude of fascination and curiosity and with a compassionate approach. When we can cultivate the ability to meet every moment with curiosity and not expectation or pre-judgement then we can allow it to be as it is and discover how it is perfect exactly as it is. This brings about a feeling of calm and trust, a sense of gratitude and equanimity and it enables the limbic system in the brain to become less aroused and agitated, enabling a neurobiology in which the person can thrive and focus.



The Brilliantly Mindful Way

This is a course that has been designed to teach you the practice of mindfulness as well as to help you to cultivate the attitude of mindfulness, so you are left living mindfully aware and in a state of wonder and gratitude, instead of stress and strain.

Sue Fuller-Good who has travelled the world learning about mindfulness and who has studied the practice for 30 years has put together this course for you incorporating the principles of mindfulness and so much more. The outcome is a training done over four weeks in an ongoing learning model so you can learn, test your learnings, engage with them and then return to explore further and deepen what you have learnt. The end result: a sustainable change in your way of being and living, a tool box crammed with very easy to use, powerful tools that you can use anytime you need to, that can support your success in the world as you continue your journey.

This unique course will change your life for the better. You will feel the power you have to manage your mind, enjoy heightened emotional intelligence and awareness and the ability you have to relax and not control or resist life as it unfolds. Click here to join and we will see you on the other side.


Eating Mindful

Eating is integral to life in a very profound way. Most of us eat several times a day and eating provides us with the most awesome opportunity to be mindful and to enjoy the feastival of sensation that food provides instead of eating out of habit or mindless attempts to fill voids or needs that food is not sustainably able to fill. Come and join Sue Fuller-Good on this life changing journey towards eating with mindfulness and with awareness and enhancing your sensory system at the same time. This 4 part ongoing learning style course is an opportunity to explore your habits and unconscious patterns and to create sustainable shifting towards greater health and more connected and aware living.

Empower this side of your life with awareness and insight and open yourself to real pleasure and at the same time enable true nourishment and gut health to emerge. See you on the other side for the journey of discovery!