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Sue is a leading and cutting edge physiotherapist, a registered life coach and a facilitator of wellbeing in the corporate and private sectors. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sue is a lifetime student of the body neuroscience and human behaviour. She has developed a deep understanding of the multi-dimensional concept of wellbeing, and uses this as the basis for her businesses. Sue's passion lies in cultivating the energy in her clients to fund living an extraordinary, highly productive, successful, joy-filled life.

Sue weaves her understanding of anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, human behaviour, psychology, nutrition, pain, spirituality and health into everything she does. She started and runs her physiotherapy practice - Body Brilliance, in 1994, and has spent the last 14 years coaching and facilitating wellbeing in the workspace. She has now developed a unique and vital offering for businesses and individuals, which is encompassed in the Energy-Incubator. Both companies help people to truly thrive, both on the inside and the outside. Having done her masters in balance (WITS), the physical and the mental merge and underpin the offerings of these highly successful businesses. 

Adventure and sport have been at the heart of Sue’s life. She has climbed mountains in distant lands and run across islands, travelled widely and met people from all around the world. Sue is a mother, a speaker, an author, a teacher and a healer. Her talks inspire and her work shows people how they can truly feel great.

Sue has worked with many businesses and business schools, facilitating the learning of stress management practices, the art of wellbeing creation and the instruction of mindfulness practice and body awareness. She has presented at many conferences both internationally and locally. Her work opens people’s minds and awareness so that they can truly thrive.

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Self Motivation

In 2016, Sue established The Energy Incubator, using all the powerful wellbeing solutions she has encountered in her 31 years of study and research. Through this, the Endless Energy Program and all the interventions and programs that are now part of it, have been developed. We've had the privilege of coming alongside companies from around the globe, the likes of IntelPeer, US Compliance, Bowmans, Deloittes, Multichoice, Old Mutual and the Core Group, to name a few. We inspire, motivate and engage every person we work with. 

The Energy Incubator offers holistic solutions for individuals, teams, and executives including coaching, keynote talks, and workshops. These are filled with experiential processes, movement and unique ideas, which produce results that last... energy, vitality, balance and focus. The Energy Incubator is based on a multi-dimensional concept of wellbeing. Through tried and tested scientific methods, we approach wellbeing holistically.

We provide the following services:

  • High-Impact Coaching

  • Energetic & Inspiring Keynote Talks

  • Interactive & Experiential Workshops


Sue's coaching, keynote talks, and workshops create engaged and energetic individuals and teams, fostering healthy, upbeat, and inspiring work environments.

advantages gained

  • Increased Overall Wellbeing including Mental & Emotional

  • Increased Employee Engagement & Heightened Awareness

  • Lower Absenteeism

  • Increased Performance, Productivity

  • Increased Empathy & Compassion

  • Happier Working Environment

  • Increased Employee Loyalty

  • Greater Clarity, Focus & Creativity

  • Healthier Relationships

  • Reduced Stress, Tension & Anxiety

  • Sharpened Decision-Making

  • Greater Resilience

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