reduce pain and fatigue. 

increase energy.

Through multiple coaching and mentoring platforms, we show you how to build synergy between mind and body, inspiring you to out perform yourself. 

some of our clients

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who we are. what we do.

Energy is crucial. Without it, you can’t perform or thrive in the world. The Energy Incubator is all about helping you, your team or your organization create sustainable pulsing energy that you can rely on as a powerful resource that supports you.

The Energy Incubator exists to serve executives & leaders by equipping them with insights, tools, unconscious limiting belief changes, vision and transformation which is laser-focused and directed at their challenge points and blind spots. We inspire and equip people to partake fully in the adventure of life by helping them transform into high-energy, engaged, aware leaders. Through insight, tools, presence training and body mastery, we create sustainable change in courageous "shakers and movers" who want to make a radical impact and outperform themselves in every sphere of life.

​Our offerings are available in on-line programs, in individual 1:1 interventions, in keynote talks, in workshops and in immersion experiences. Interventions are custom made and are bespoke, depending on your needs. We use diagnostic tools to help with program designs ensuring that everything is lasered in you or your team's particular challenge points.

advantages gained

  • Increased Overall Wellbeing including Mental & Emotional

  • Increased Employee Engagement & Heightened Awareness

  • Lower Absenteeism

  • Increased Performance, Productivity

  • Increased Empathy & Compassion

  • Happier Working Environment

  • Increased Employee Loyalty

  • Greater Clarity, Focus & Creativity

  • Healthier Relationships

  • Reduced Stress, Tension & Anxiety

  • Sharpened Decision-Making

  • Greater Resilience

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what drives us

At heart we are adventurers. We believe that life itself is an adventure and as individuals we need vitality to delight in that adventure fully. We believe health and wellbeing is your natural state. We are passionate about restoring you to this natural state without expending huge amounts of time and effort. We believe that energy is crucial to a life of vitality and we want you to turn your energy tap on! You will then be able to consistently rely on this energy to support your performance and enable you to live with joy and passion. 



The coaching with Sue Fuller-Good that I have done in my personal capacity as a director has been an amazing process of self-awareness development and the coaching we have done with my business and with my team has developed great self-awareness and has helped us find strategies to move forward and create healthy boundaries and accountability. This has led to far greater employee satisfaction, improved communication and a more productive and happier team.


I realize so much about why I have been so stressed and how tense I am all the time—I was totally unaware. In such a kind and gentle way, Sue blew my mind and made me think. Her words were so powerful as she spoke. Understanding the way my brain works and what happens when things get out of balance in my body has totally changed everything for me! I am going to prioritize health and wellbeing now. Thank you for opening my eyes!


This really has changed the way I think. I feel so energized and excited now and I can't wait to try using what I have learned. I had no idea that a short talk could be so impactful. I wish I could take the recording home and listen every week.


Wow, what a great talk! I feel like someone opened my eyes and I see things totally differently. I never thought about my health in this way and I am so grateful to have so many easy to use tools to help me make certain I feel better. Thank you!