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Through multiple coaching and mentoring platforms, we show people how to build synergy between mind and body, inspiring individuals to out perform themselves in all facets of life. 

reduce pain and fatigue. 
increase energy.

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what WE DO

The Energy Incubator is all about helping you, your team or your organization create sustainable pulsing energy that you can rely on as a powerful resource that supports you.

We inspire and equip people to partake fully in the adventure of life by helping them transform into high-energy, engaged, aware leaders. Through insight, tools, presence training and body mastery, we create sustainable change in courageous "shakers and movers" who want to make a radical impact and outperform themselves in every sphere of life.

​Our offerings are available in on-line programs, in individual 1:1 interventions, in keynote talks, in workshops and in immersion experiences. Interventions are custom made and are bespoke, depending on your needs. We use diagnostic tools to help with program designs, through this we ensure that everything is lasered in on you or your team's particular challenge points.

some of our clients

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"Sue facilitated a number of sessions on Health and Wellness for the Core Group on our Leadership Development Programmes.


Sue’s facilitation is engaging, participative and practical. She is highly knowledgeable and absolutely lives her talk. She is thorough and easy to understand and gives excellent practical tips that can easily be implemented.


I highly recommend Sue to any organisation who wants to bring focus to Health and Wellness. 


In addition to her skillset - she is an amazing upbeat and really genuine person".


“Sue facilitates with passion and sensitivity, combined with a touch of humour. Her use of her own personal experiences, to encourage participation and reinforce messages, is very powerful. Having used Sue a few times, I’ve seen the change to virtual sessions where she effectively keeps participants engaged, I highly recommend Sue”. 

GLEN KRYNAUW (Deloittes)

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